Manoel Tosto


Brazil, Morro de São Paulo


Acoustic Instrumental

ABOUT Manoel

Raised on a remote island on the east coast of Brazil, surrounded by jungle, plants and animals, Mano finds truth, happiness and wisdom in nature. His musical roots lay in various genres, ranging from Blues to Reggae to Classical, knowing no cultural or musical boundaries. “World Music” might be the most suitable term for Mano’s art.

As a multi-instrumentalist everything you hear from Mano is 100% hand-crafted, played, recorded and produced by himself. The intention behind his music is to help people feel, reflect, heal or awaken in the same way that Mano himself uses music as a tool of self-therapy. In our vast and globalized world, it takes not only discipline and effort but time and space to find oneself. Mano’s music, which is inspired by the sounds of nature, the jungle, animals and elements, helps create a safe space for his listeners to get lost in and touched by. Whether it’s a relaxed evening stroll, meditation or study session, Mano’s instrumental sounds create a soothing and calming energy that will allow you and your thoughts to rest at ease.

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