Germany, Berlin


Indie Pop

ABOUT clide

Musician, singer, songwriter, producer, storyteller, half-american, clide is many things except ordinary or seen-before. The self-taught musician has been creating music, writing songs and producing them in his bedroom since he was 16 years old. While the now 20-year old loves writing and singing piano ballads, he’s an outspoken aficionado of lo-fi productions, likes a modern & fresh sound that builds bridges between the genres of international pop, urban and r&b. And he can write (radio) hits, recently proven with the co-write of Vize & Tom Gregory’s “never let me down”. When it comes to clide’s own artist project you’d find his vinyl  on shelves somewhere between Post Malone, Alexander23 and James Arthur. Happysad, melancholic, dreamy and chill are probably the best adjectives to describe what clide has been cooking in his musical kitchen so far while talking about love (not in a cheesy way though), his existence, identity and the process of self-exploration. If you haven’t already, turn up the volume, lean back and enjoy so you can be one of the people who can say: ‘I’ve been following this guy since the beginning.’

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