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About Us

About Us

What We Do

Our passion

Music. That’s it. It’s all about the music. A voice that touches, a melody that creates a mood, lyrics that bring up memories, instruments as the coat for all of it. We are on a mission, a journey. Let’s see where we end up. Along the way we want to support talented artists to get their music heard. Good music and great voices need to be heard.

The Founder

Manfred Müller

Music has always been his passion, but he felt that his singing talent or piano skills were not good enough to share with the world. Having an outstanding eye for talent, in his mind the question always came up: why is this male voice not famous? Why is this female singer not selling out huge concert halls. The answer is simple, but the topic is complex: a lot of things have to come together in order to be able to achieve something big in the music industry.
Maybe not brave enough in a young age, Manfred Müller chose a conservative career path and studied International Business, worked in a bank, a consulting company, and then in 2008 joined a small startup called TeamViewer as Head of Sales & Tech Support, leading 12 people. A few years later in 2019 TeamViewer went public at the Frankfurt Stock Exchange with a current valuation of more than 9 Billion Euros (Aug 2020), creating one of the few Unicorns out of Germany.

After leaving TeamViewer, Manfred Müller finally made his passion his profession and founded Dreamstart Music, Dreamstart Management and Dreamstart Publishing., combining his management skills, his experience in the music industry he gained over the years as a side-kick, and his eye for talents.

Only one year after starting, Dreamstart already achieved 10 million streams only with newcomer artists and totally independent.

Dreamstart Team Manfred Müller

The Team


Dreamstart Team Manfred Müller

Manfred Müller

Founder & CEO

Stuttgart, Germany

Dreamstart Team Frieder Weiler

Frieder Weiler

Artist Project Manager

Munich, Germany

Depositphotos 121233262 Stock Illustration Male Default Placeholder Avatar Profile

Ronja Wolf

Project Management - clide

Berlin, Germany

Depositphotos 121233262 Stock Illustration Male Default Placeholder Avatar Profile

Alex Brees

Marketing manager - un:hurd

London, United Kingdom

Dreamstart Team Max Waidelich

Max Waidelich

Webdesign & Photography

Heilbronn, Germany